Protection solutions and applications

DEHN offers comprehensive protection solutions in the fields of surge protection, lightning protection/earthing and safety equipment/arc fault protection.

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Solutions for buildings and systemsBuildings and systems

Surges are a great danger. Direct, nearby and remote lightning strikes as well as switching operations in electric power stations can seriously damage buildings and systems.

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Solutions for industrial plantsIndustrial plants

Failure of production facilities as a result of lightning effects can have fatal consequences. Protection measures are essential to ensure the availability of industrial plants.

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Solutions for the power industryPower Industry

Solutions and products for power generation, transmission, distribution and power consumption particularly for photovoltaic systems, wind turbines, biogas plants as well as complete smart energy systems.

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Solutions for the oil and gas industryOil and gas industry

Direct and indirect effects of lightning strikes and other transients can threaten the smooth operation of petrochemical systems, refineries or oil and gas pipelines.

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Solutions for the chemical and pharmazeutical industryChemical and pharmaceutical industry

Many chemical and pharmaceutical companies rely on innovative products from DEHN for protecting systems and processes as well as production and storage facilities.

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Solutions for transportation systemsTransportation systems

DEHN offers a comprehensive lightning protection, surge protection and safety equipment portfolio for protecting railway systems, LED street lighting systems and supports the electromobility.

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Soluciones para telefonía móvilCell sites

Owing to the exposed location of telecommunication systems and cell sites, mobile operators and system technology manufacturers rely on professional ligthnign and surge protection.

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Soluciones para alumbrado exterior LEDLED street lighting systems

Protection of LEDs and reduction of maintenance work and replacement costs thanks to professional surge protection concepts – at the design stage or for retrofitting.

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