HVIpower Conductor for EX zones 1 and 21

Reliable external lightning protection solution for systems in hazardous areas: HVIpower Conductor

Potentially explosive atmospheres where a lightning strike e.g. to storage facilities or silos can have fatal consequences can be found in many industries (process technology, biogas plants, storage facilities, silos, storage tanks).

HVI®power Conductor for EX zones 1 and 21

Uncontrolled sparking resulting from lightning strikes may cause an explosion which presents a danger to persons, animals and the environment and entails high costs.
Ex zones - danger zones listed in explosion protection documents – must be taken into account when designing and installing lightning protection systems. In general, non-sparking lightning protection and equipotential bonding measures must be implemented in Ex zones 1 and 21.


The high-voltage-resistant insulated HVIpower Conductor is a reliable and tested solution for discharging lightning currents in Ex zones 1 and 21

This conductor is an ideal solution for all classes of LPS. In conjunction with the associated accessories, it can even be used for class of LPS I since the entire system is tested with lightning impulse currents of 200 kA (10/350 µs).



  • Separation distance is 20% higher (90 cm instead of 75 cm (air) /180 cm (solid material)) compared to HVI long Conductors
  • Easy and fast installation thanks to new sealing end spring
  • Low area exposed to wind since the conductor is integrated in the supporting tube
  • Discharge of lightning currents without sparking
  • TÜV-certified for use in Ex zones 1 and 21