DEHNguard SE DC for d.c. circuits

The new surge arrester for d.c. circuits with the powerful d.c. switching DCD provides additional safety since switching operations at an arrester’s end of life are more critical in case of d.c. than in case of a.c.

The modular devices of the DEHNguard SE DC series are coordinated single-pole type 2 surge arresters with a functional design.

DEHNguard® SE DC for d.c. circuits


A variety of features show that the focus is on
  • User-friendliness (use without additional backup fuse)
  • Reliable surge protection (low voltage protection level, high discharge current) and
  • Device safety (powerful d.c. switching device DCD).


Short-circuit withstand capability up to 300 A d.c. – without arrester backup fuse

The special design of the d.c. switching device DCD (DC Disconnection) ensures a short-circuit withstand capability up to 300 A d.c. – without arrester backup fuse (!). In combination with the specified backup fuses, the short-circuit withstand capability can be even increased to 2000 A d.c., which is an innovation in the field of d.c. applications.

Various applications

The single-pole devices are available for voltages from 60 V to 900 V d.c. and feature an operating-current-free mechanical visual indication with green and red indicator flags as well as an optional remote signalling contact. The type 2 DEHNguard SE DC surge arresters can for example be used for emergency power supply systems, d.c. systems for direct supply of d.c. drives, control circuits and battery-operated supply systems of any kind.